Friday, October 30, 2015

My 2016 Social Media Marketing Prediction

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The world in which we live is evolving faster and faster. With the advances of the Internet, Social Networking sites like YouTube, Twitter and Facebook have become part of our natural way to communicate every day. It’s now common to see television shows, beverages, cultural events and even pet food inviting us to join their pack, with callings such as "Follow us on Twitter", or on Facebook, or on any of the other 12,000 social networks. How about me? That’s the question that many of us ask ourselves…now, what’s in store for us in 2016?  Let me get to the point!

2016, in my opinion, is to become the year of “being connected”.  With the large migration of Generation Y moving to the “need” to be synced at all times will become the big shift to be wary of…or is it Generation Z?  Generation Z will be coming to work one day having used smart devices as early as kindergarten.  This group will be using better and faster technology at home than we will be able to provide at an enterprise level.  How many businesses out there will be ready to host these new workers one day in the near future? 

I/ we/ my company/ the world need to become aware of this migration revolution.  We all are aware the content is king and context is queen, however, 2016 mobile technology will shape the evolution of the way consumers find, read, and buy. Don’t think too hard about this, but, what is the first thing you touch in the morning? just said it indirectly or even looked at your mobile phone…and that technology is getting better by the day! Are you aware that the ‘average person’ is not outside a 4 foot reach from their phone at any given time?  Addicted perhaps or connected?  2016 = “Ultra Mobile” where we wear smart watches, smart clothing, and live in smart houses.  SMART = STANDARD in 2016

So now LOCATION plays a pivotal roll in the paradigm shift.  I’m not talking where you are simply located; I’m talking about where you are, when it suits you, when you are ready, A.I. (artificial intelligence)!  Today consumers have to check in to get specials, unlockable, and promotions.  2016 will be the year of the beacon.  Simply allow your device to connect with    brands matching your personal preference and voila!

So…the social challenge is next…I mean, really.  Did you think social media still runs on gut feelings?  You can’t even begin to count the numerous dashboards existing online and standalone.  2016 will be the year of strategy.  Businesses will need to find a way to interpret big data intelligently keeping it simple and to the point (the exact thing that corporate policy stops).  Social updates, going viral, telling a story, being compelling and creative through innovation all requires the same thing…stunning Social Media Marketing!

The need for employee advocacy is the new “NOW”.  Marketing isn’t your sale window to the world anymore.  Neither are sales.  Every single employee is an ambassador of your brand which means businesses have to lead by example.  Forget social media in this instance.  Rethink “SOCIAL BUSINESS”

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