Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Is your sales approach "sticky"?

Why and how do customers decide to “BUY” from one person or company vs. another?  Below are what non-savvy sales professionals do:

  • Pressure people into buying the program with hard-sell tactics.
  • Act like their program is the greatest thing in the world.
  • Overpromise and under-deliver or provide the WORST #customerexperience.   

All three of these approaches are guaranteed to turn off a huge number of potential customers, and send your sales down the commode.  That’s no way to run an enterprise.

What you want for your business is to have created a Sales Professional that differentiates themselves – in other words, that makes your customers say “Holy ****, I want that Sales Professional and whatever they have because they are unique, have strategies and bring something DIFFERENT.”

You need something different, something that nobody else can provide.  Something, "sticky"!

Are you ready?

There are a lot of things you can do to create programs or solutions that people are eager to buy, but focus on these three first, and you’ll be well on your way to bigger sales.
  1. Link your program benefits to outcomes that ideal customers are itching for.
  2. Create your program to match the experience your ideal customers want.
  3. Show potential customers how your program overcomes their objections and differentiates themselves from their competition with a fresh, edgy and "sticky" strategy.
Your customers don’t want to buy your program; they want to create an outcome in their life or their business.  They want to see themselves thriving with your program that leads them to financial success.

They are in the market for the shortest path to their desired solution, and they couldn’t care less what your product is because everybody else out there probably has the same thing in one way or another.  All they care about is “Will this program give me the outcome that I need to have?”

Outcomes come first, product comes last.  I can’t stress this enough.  I see too many smart people positioning their products instead of positioning the program outcomes (and experiences) the customer desires to have or subjectively don’t realize they have the need to switch because they might perceive themselves as being “loyal”.

We all have objections when we’re considering buying something.  Think of the last thing you had to think about before you bought it, whether it was a digital product or a physical item in a store.

You had objections that you were going through in your mind, and you had to justify the purchase to yourself before you made it.  Eventually, something pushed you over the fence and you whipped out your wallet.  I bet it was something that was a “differentiator” or "sticky" that persuaded you to choose.

If you don’t know what your customers’ objections are, you won’t be able to address them in your sales material (and in the product itself).

Whatever it is that’s bugging them, fix it in your program and make sure “they” can see the path to solving this by being “different”.  Explain how it’s designed to take as little time as possible, or to fit into a busy schedule.  Talk about how you’ve made a complicated subject dead-easy to understand and drives results.

Whatever the objections are, defuse them by answering and solving for the inevitable before you go see your customer.  How might you ask?  Just look at what the competition is doing, identify from a “consumer” and a “business” point of view how your program brings a “different” solution to the market that addresses the needs and wants people are looking for.  Again, bring something “different”!  Nobody wants status quo or something that is easy to copy or mass duplicate.  They want something unique that builds a BRAND and is "sticky!"

And then they buy.  Your sales funnel explodes exponentially.  And then they tell their friends.

What have you read thus far that can change your Sales World, be “DIFFERENT”, be "sticky"…that’s all!

It’s not as easy as it sounds but hey…that is what separates MONEY MAKERS and MONEY BREAKERS.

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