Saturday, September 19, 2015

Client Control Has Every Business Tied By A Noose

If you want to provide exceptional experience to your clients every single member in your business needs to comprehend one fundamental principle: the client is the hierarchy, they must be placed first every time. That means the client is in charge, they the standards, establish today, create tomorrow and in one way or another dictates the future.

Experience is the order of the day in our era, and serving clients with excellence will be the core ethos of successful companies in the coming years. Leaders who understand this will see their companies thrive instead of just survive. The dawn of mass competition, clients’ access to up-to-date information and their ability to communicate with each other via social media allows the client to be in command. The migration goes beyond the business paying more attention to client experience: it means aligning everyone and everything in the business on providing more customization, value and unique adaptation to clients quicker.

In this client-centric world, businesses need more than quality products, or optimal customer experience, or proficient processes. Every business needs to serve their clientele through authentic, human-to-human connections that satisfy not only their emotional desires but their real-world wants. Businesses who fully grasp this reality and create a culture of ‘client experience extraordinaire’ will be rewarded with client loyalty and profitability. 

Client Experience Is Every Business Members Focus…No Longer A Department

No matter what business you’re in, there are a plentiful of other businesses that offer consumers pretty much the same product or experiences. If you offer that product along with personal experience that exceeds every client’s expectations, you have a durable competitive advantage—if done properly the cost is minimal but if done improper then you need to hire a company like ConnecTheDot to fix the client experience now. Don’t just take what I write as the example; seek out the research. Studies have found that client experience can be the best way to distinguish a company from its competitors. Clients want to feel valued, unique and wanted. Make client experience part of every member of your businesses job description and the mantra of your entire business strategy. 

What You Except Is What You Get In Return

The most effective way to improve client experience is to set high standards and communicate them with clarity, passion and execution. Every member, from the top member of your business to the newest member, should continuously let everyone know what is expected of them, so there can be no misunderstanding. Most employees strive to be exceptional performers. Unfortunately, they don’t always understand exactly what their job is or how their contribution to the business affects retention, growth and profitability.

You Win Clients One at a Time and Lose Them In Multiples

Many years ago, a mentor of mine said something I have never forgotten: “You have two ears and one mouth, always remember: you gain clients one at a time, and you lose clients in multiples. In order to gain clients and not lose any, focus on serving every single client exceptionally as if it is your one and only client (think of the movie Gerry McGuire). Any client doing business with you for the first time should be treated with the same attention and quality as someone who’s been a regular client for years. 

The power of social media is so strong that one client who has one bad experience with your business can go online and convince thousands of people not to do business with you. That’s one of the reasons clients rule now more than ever; they have the power of the masses. They have the ability to make your business thrive, and they have the ability to make your business sink to survive or maybe even die. Hail to the client!

Based on current trends client experience will be even more crucial to your company’s success in the coming years. In fact, more businesses will spend their traditional advertising dollars in a different way. More money will be spent from 2015 to 2030 to fix a business client experience infrastructure than the business will spend on traditional advertising. Why? Simply because in today’s competitive market where supply is high and demand is even higher, consumers have more choice and less loyalty. End result, it costs more money to acquire new clients so the business must establish key metrics to retain each and every client they have. 

The Circle Of Business Success

In the end, client experience hinges on every member of the business. 
John Quincy Adams, the sixth President of the United States, stated, “If your actions inspire others to dream more, learn more, do more and become more, you are a leader.”

 If you want satisfied clients, clients who continuously return to your business and clients who refer your business to the masses, you have to make them the hierarchy of your business.  Place clients at the top and let everything else trickle down. That means providing and allowing every member to have equal control of the client and giving them the confidence, trust, skills, and resources to deliver exceptional client experience. 

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